We will cover Container technology. Brief introduction of Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Volumes, Docker Registries and Docker Client Server.

Learn Solidity constructs divided into simplified tutorials

Detailed analysis of Solidity Mappings

We will discuss what is an ICO and ERC20 Token.

We will start our own private network using Geth (GO Ethereum)

We will discuss what is Smart Contract. Smart Contract on Ethereum and related Terminology.

We will discuss what problem(s) we solved using Blockchain and the characteristics of a digital ledger. We will also compare Proof of Work and Proof of Stake

MVP of Twitter. Architectural choices and twitter feed optimizations as system scales. An overview of celebrity tweet problem and a possible solution to it.

Facade Pattern is a structural design pattern which abstracts out the creation of an object involving complex implementation logic by providing a client (Facade).

An Auto Complete or Type Ahead functionality can be build on Distributed Tries where each node caches top K terms of that prefix. These top K terms are dynamic and based on data mining of Current trends/ Top news etc.

Scalable, Web socket based Messaging Application having one to one chatting and file exchange capabilities. It also shows online user and Send/Read message status

Decorator Pattern is a structural design pattern which is a combination of inheritance and Composition. It dynamically computes the behaviour of a particular implementation by adding behaviour/functionality to an existing object without affecting other object.